Every minute wasted on NDAs is a minute you're not spending closing your deal or delivering commercial value. Find out how to dramatically speed up getting past the NDA and onto your deal with our free guide.

You'll receive detailed step by step practical guidance about how to handle non disclosure and confidentiality agreements faster, while keeping your lawyer and your manager happy.  

Comprehensive Practical Guidance

Get the NDA advice I gave in top law firms and companies like Spark about simple ways of speeding up the NDA process without taking on legal risk, including:

  • Using mutual NDAs and one-way NDAs
  • When you actually need a confidentiality agreement (and when you don't)
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure positions and what leads to negotiation
  • How to create an NDA from a word template or generic example
  • Fill out an online NDA form like an expert
  • How to review the NDA pdf from the other side
  • Signing to ensure a valid contract

What you'll get out of the Guide

Review it now to immediately reduce the time you spend tied up in NDAs. Then keep it handy as a reference point with practical solutions for problems or delays that may come up in future. Following this advice will mean you:

  • Avoid common mistakes that result in negotiation, legal delay or legal risk
  • Get your NDA signed by the other side dramatically faster
  • Stop waiting for legal to review clauses or draft changes
  • Have more time to focus on closing deals or delivering commercial value
  • Avoid lawyer to lawyer negotiations altogether
  • Build a better relationship with your legal team
  • Start your negotiation from a position of authority

Who is this Guide for?

The Complete Guide to NDAs is detailed playbook on how to navigate nondisclosure agreements faster, so you can focus on what you do best. Specifically designed for:

  • Procurement Managers
  • Commercial Managers
  • Contract and Commercial managers
  • Sales Teams