Why can't signing a business contract be as easy as making a purchase online?

Now it can. Try out our new and unique one-click electronic signing process.

It's electronic signing, but without all the hassle. Just click on the button that comes with your NDA and type in your name. No need to:

  • register and integrate a separate electronic signing product;
  • pay extra electronic signing fees;
  • waste time dragging and dropping signature boxes;
  • add spaces for names and dates; or
  • fill out the details you've just inserted into the document all over again.  

Create a new NDA and sign it, with just a couple of taps, entirely from your phone in under 2 minutes.

How can we make it so simple? Being a trusted intermediary enables us to deliver a uniquely easy signing process that both parties can trust. We use the same information already collected in creating the contract to automatically populate the signature details in the right place. We can email each party with signature notifications and final signed copies, without requiring a separate process.  And we can automatically adjust the signature process and level of security for the type of contract you're signing.  

What else is new?

Other new features introduced this month include account management and enterprise grade security to protect your contracts and data. Giving you the confidence to rely on Haggle for your most sensitive NDAs.

Register an account

To use the new secure platform, you will need to register an account. Access remains free as part of our beta. Try it out and let us know what you think.

Just click though to the Haggle app now at https://app.haggle.legal

Is it legal?

Yes it's legal. For a full legal analysis and guidance about how to select an electronic signing solution, see Yes it is legal to sign contracts electronically.

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