Every situation is different. While a standard template might work 80% (maybe even 90%) of the time, sometimes you do need to make changes. Whether it's to address a specific risk or deal with negotiation from the other side, it happens.  

Now you can add new drafting without losing the benefits of automated standard contracts. From today, you can draft your own bespoke clause in Haggle.

Customise a Haggle NDA to cover every possible situation. Address completely new issues or build on standard Haggle clauses. Even negate or amend them. Your bespoke drafting will sit alongside the rest of Haggle's standard terms and be separately identified.

No matter what you're trying to do with an NDA, you can add your own clause and still get all the benefits of contracting via Haggle:

  • Less contracts on the other side's paper;
  • Less negotiation of legal drafting; and
  • Create and sign routine contracts from your phone in less than 2 minutes.

By configuring Haggle's commercial positions and a bespoke clause, any organisation can replicate their current NDA template on the Haggle platform. And any possible negotiated outcome with a third party can be addressed within Haggle.

To try it out, just log back into your account or register for free as part of our beta now.