Intellectual Property in any Contractual Document is owned solely by us.  We grant you a licence to use each Contractual Document for any lawful business purpose in accordance with these licence terms.  

Under this licence, you may:

  • modify a Contractual Document, or combine it with other documents, materials or information, (the resulting work being a “Derived Work”);
  • make copies of a Contractual Document or Derived Work;
  • document a business transaction using a Contractual Document or Derived Work;
  • provide a Contractual Document or Derived Work to your lawyer for the purpose of obtaining legal advice;

Under this licence you may not:

  • claim that you created a Contractual Document;
  • make available copies of a Contractual Document or Derived Work to a third party without binding that third party to these terms in respect of the Contractual Document or Derived Work;
  • make a Contractual Document or Derived Work available to a third party without revealing that it was created by us or is a Derived Work based on a Contractual Document created by us.

All modifications made to a Contractual Document are owned solely by you and Haggle obtains no right or interest in any other information or materials you use to create a Derived Work, provided that you must comply with the terms of this licence in respect of any Derived Work.

This licence applies anywhere in the world and lasts for as long as the Intellectual Property rights continue to exist in the Contractual Document, unless you breach these terms.  You may allow any third party to exercise these rights on your behalf (including allowing your lawyer to modify the document), provided that each third party must separately agree to these terms in order to do so.  

Where you use Haggle to negotiate a Contractual Document with a third party, you agree that the party you negotiate with obtains the same rights to use that Contractual Document as you do.  You agree that any confidential information of yours included in the template will be provided to the other party and free for the other party to use, subject to any confidentiality restrictions agreed between you and that third party.

You may use a Contractual Document or Derived Work for the purpose of providing legal advice to a client (and you may charge a fee for that advice) but you must expressly acknowledge our ownership of the Contractual Document or part of the Derived Work and bind any such parties to the terms of this licence.  

There is no additional charge for the use of Contractual Documents or Derived Works under this licence.

Terms in this licence have the definitions given to them in the Haggle Terms of Use.